About Georgia

Georgia McKeown


Georgia McKeown has thirty-five years of experience in public service, marketing, public relations, and politics at both the state and national level. Her diversified experience offers a broad network of personal, corporate, and government contacts throughout the state of Florida. Georgia’s background in the private sector includes marketing for one of the top rated engineering firms in the country during the 1960’s and 1970’s. She worked with local municipalities to coordinate the firm’s environmental, civil, and construction management engineering projects. She also assisted with the company’s expansion into the international market.

Georgia started her career in politics when she worked as the District Director for Congressman Bill Chappell who served in Congress for twenty-two years and became the Chairman of the powerful Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. She was responsible for all of the district office operations and interactions with the Congressman’s constituency in the five county District, as well as created a valuable network of resources at the federal level during her tenure.

After Georgia worked for Congressman Chappell, she went on to be the District Office Manager for Congressman Craig James where she was responsible for the operation of the Congressman’s three district offices including the management of all staff and constituent services. Georgia acted as the Congressman’s liaison for local, state, non-profit and community- based organizations. She later went on to serve as the District Representative for the late U.S. Representative Tillie Fowler who as the Vice Chairman of the Republican Conference, was the highest-ranking woman in the U.S. Congress when she retired. In this role, Georgia managed all facets of the district operation for a tri-county area.

In the Florida Legislature, Georgia served as a Jacksonville Senator’s Chief of Staff for seven years. During his term of office, Georgia became the Jacksonville Senator’s “go to person” for education policy issues and appropriation issues. Consequently, he was appointed Chairman of the Appropriations Committee and Georgia played a key role in assisting him with the preparation of Florida’s budget. In her capacity as Chief of Staff, Georgia was responsible for collaborating with state agencies, consultants, and members of the Legislature. She directed all media relations and communication efforts, managed the Senator’s legislative agenda as well as oversaw the operations of both his Tallahassee and District offices.

Prior to the former Jacksonville Senator’s successful election, Georgia served as his Campaign Manager and Finance Director and crafted strategies that unseated a favored incumbent. She also served as Campaign Manager for former Senator Bill Posey, now a U.S. Congressman, as well as the former Senator and Commissioner of Agriculture, Charles Bronson. Additionally, she managed the million dollar Senate campaign for the late Jim King, who became President of the Florida Senate for the 2002-04 term. In her capacity as Campaign Manager, Georgia functioned as Finance Director for all the campaigns, developing a broad network of business contacts throughout Florida as well as pertinent experience.

Georgia also played an integral role in establishing Florida’s new K-20 education system. As Chief of Staff to the Commissioner of Education, she oversaw the operations for the transition from Florida’s segmented educational system to a seamless system that incorporated public schools, community colleges, and the state’s universities. Subsequently, Georgia was appointed Deputy Commissioner for External Affairs and Government Relations. As Deputy Commissioner, she directed all communications, media relations, community outreach, plus legislative and federal affairs for one of the largest state agencies while interfacing with Florida’s 67 school districts. She also assisted in establishing the “Just Read,” Florida office within the Department of Education which represented the backbone of Governor Jeb Bush’s education policy goals.

Georgia joined the private sector as an independent government consultant in 2003 after twenty-three years of public service. She worked with a Tallahassee based firm who later merged with an international, federal, state, and local consulting firm. She was named Vice President and managed clients in a wide array of practice areas including agriculture, transportation, energy, business development, education, health care, local government, and human services.

Most recently, in 2013, Georgia started her own firm, GA McKeown & Associates, which was a full-service lobbying, governmental consulting, and business development firm with existing offices in Tallahassee and Daytona Beach, Florida. Georgia brings a fresh, extensive and diversified background in both the public and private sectors to our firm and everyone on Team JB.